Motorcycle Auctions

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Learn To Ride A Motorcycle

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Motorcycle Madness
Take to the open road on a motorcycle thrill ride!

Since 1894, when the first motorcycle was sold to the public, these two wheeled powered bikes have been a cost effective and fun way to get around. Currently there are over 200 million motorcycles being used around the world. Do you have your ride on?

Today the motorcycle industry is dominated by two factions: the American and the Japanese bikes. The Americans are represented by Harley Davidson. They’ve been making bikes since the 1920’s and have dominated the market for several years. Often referred to as “hogs” the Harley bikes provide plenty of muscle for the ride. On the other side of the market are the so-called “rice burners” made by Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. These types of bikes are definitely built for speed and are often the preferred choice for professional motorcycle racers.

Motorcycles have played an important role in our cultural heritage. Remember Steve McQueen making his escape in the “Great Escape?” Or how about the counter culture as defined by “Easy Rider?” And as long as there have been motorcycles, there has also been biker clubs or gangs. The most notable of these are the Hell’s Angels. But riding a bike doesn’t mean you have to be in a gang. There are many biker clubs across the country dedicated to the thrill of the ride.

Car owners get a chance to show of their personality with a few well place bumper stickers. But motorcycles owners have the chance for unique custom paint jobs on their bikes which run the gamut between flying your favorite sports team’s colors to roaring red flames. Even the choice of helmet often says a lot about the rider. Some opt for the modern, sleek designs while others go for the no thrills football helmet approach.

No matter which bike you decide to ride on, you’ll soon discover that even a simple trip to the grocery store is more thrilling on a motorcycle. Sure you’ve got limitations like the weather. And you need to be much more aware of road conditions because a simple patch of loose gravel can cause a spill. But once you’ve mastered the bike you’ll be enjoying hours of amazing rides. Wait are you waiting for? Just get up and go!


Vin Alert

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Classic Motorcycle Restoration

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